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Building one-of-a-kind classic EV's

Trading Out Gas Muscle for Modern Electric Muscle!

As your favorite classic cars from the 50's - 70's continue to age, they require ever increasing effort and maintenance to stay on the road. Parts and repair facilities are becoming difficult to find for these aging vehicles, making them more of a burden to own and operate. E-Musclecar LLC was established to ensure you can continue to enjoy your classic or collector cars without any of the hassle associated with older vehicles.  E-Muscle Cars takes classic American Muscle Cars and replaces their internal combustion engines (ICE) with fully electric motors, batteries, and associated hardware.  As the vehicle fleet transitions to electric and hybrid, our unique solution allows the opportunity to keep your classic cars on the road even longer while being net negative in terms of environmental impact, but not losing an ounce of that classic feel or American muscle!

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E-Muscle Cars currently specializes in electrifying early Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes.  We currently have several vehicles being built that will be ready in coming months including a 1968 Chevy Camaro RS, a 1966 Ford Mustang GT, a 1959 Corvette and a 1965 Shelby Cobra.  We can source your favorite classic, or if you have a classic car of your own that you would like to get on the schedule, please call.


Accepting Vehicles & Orders

Have a beautiful classic car wasting away in your garage?  Electrify it and enjoy it again!  Aside from the positive environmental effects of electric over internal combustion ICE, you will be amazed at the ease of ownership and operation of your classic EV.  We are currently taking orders for first-generation Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros.  Shelby Cobras and other models are in-development.


How Fast Will It Go?

The goal of our products and process is to remove the internal combustion engine ICE and replace it with reliable electric motors and batteries.  Conversions of various platforms will allow for different power levels.  Initial builds will all slightly exceed original horsepower and torque levels.  Additional power options are possible depending on the customer's budget and the particular geometry of the vehicle.

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About E-Muscle Car, LLC

E-Musclecar, LLC is the brainchild of two classic car and sportscar enthusiasts who wished some of our older vehicles weren't such a hassle to enjoy.  Life gets busy and leaves us less time to drive our dream cars if we are chasing oil leaks, differential drips, cleaning carburetors, hunting for leaded gas, adjusting rough idles, and did I say fixing oil leaks?

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could take all the headache out of owning/operating vintage muscle cars and sportscars, while making them even faster and more fun to drive?  That's where we come in.  

At launch, E-Musclecars is developing chassis-specific EV conversions for the three most popular vintage sports and muscle cars made: the first-generation Camaro, first-generation Mustang, and first-generation Corvette.  After perfecting those 3 chassis, we will expand to other models, offer turn-key conversion packages, and entertain custom conversions.  Maintaining the integrity and beauty of the original vehicle is key to our conversion philosophy, so we are focused on more robust alternatives to making sacrifices or major modifications to the original chassis to accept Tesla subframe swaps.  The two founders of E-Musclecars have backgrounds in electro-mechanical product design for a fortune 500 engineering company, in motorsports, and managing large electrical and power distribution equipment companies, so we are in the business of doing thing the right way. Power, weight, weight distribution, braking, handling, and most of all Safety, is engineered into each of our conversions.  We have explored and are testing several motor packages from Borg Warner, Cascadia, Stealth, Revolt, Tesla, etc.  We are also working with multiple battery suppliers, as well as beginning development of our own battery module solutions to best fit the space constraints of each classic vehicle. 

We are engineering each chassis to seamlessly accept an electric drivetrain, while working equally as hard to retain a 100% all original, fully restored “classic” experience.  No LED buttons, no modern digital dashes, no engine control panels installed where the gear-shift used to be.  We are engineering model-specific analog-to-digital gauge conversions, adding position sensors to existing gear selectors to put vehicles in drive, park, reverse, etc., so customers don't lose the authentic feel of their classic vehicle.  The goal of E-Musclecars is to build vehicles that resemble concourse classic cars with absolutely NO signs that they are powered by the best modern electric motors available.  

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We are accepting orders and in some instances we can provide financing options.

516 South I-35
Denton, TX 76205

(940) 218-6147

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